The Whistleblower Newsroom

An investigative reporter who has won awards for her work in print, television and radio, Kristina Borjesson is internationally known for blowing the whistle on US mainstream journalism outlets for censoring the truth on major stories and for being purveyors of false official-source narratives. She created THE WHISTLEBLOWER NEWSROOM show as a platform for and about whistleblowers, for conveying inconvenient truths and for presenting thought-provoking voices on urgent issues—national and international–to her audience.

March 28th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom: “Russiagate” With George Papadopoulos

Special Edition of The Whistleblower Newsroom: As "Russiagate" collapses following Mueller's finding of no collusion, Kristina Borjesson scores a fascinating interview with former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, who found himself the target of shady government agents and assets trying to entrap him into admitting that Trump colluded with the Russians.  As his red-hot book, "DEEP STATE TARGET: HOW I GOT CAUGHT IN THE CROSSHAIRS OF THE PLOT TO BRING DOWN PRESIDENT TRUMP" hits bookstores, Papadopoulos, joined by his wife, lawyer Simona Mangiante, sat down for a bare-all talk. 


March 22nd, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Hunting Julian Assange

Hunting Julian Assange: The Saga Continues: What began almost a decade ago with consensual sex in Sweden has twisted and turned into an international conspiracy to destroy a publisher who exposed massive, multi-national war crimes. Details you haven’t heard before with Greg Barns, Assange’s Australian lawyer. See Celia's detailed report about what happened to Assange in Sweden here:

March 15th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Deep Diving with Andrew Kreig

Deep Diving with Andrew: Wide-ranging conversation and heated argument with Andrew Krieg,  a deep journalist, lawyer and author of PRESIDENTIAL PUPPETRY: OBAMA, ROMNEY AND THEIR MASTERS.   Astonishing details about Obama, journalist Bob Woodward and others come to light in an exploration of the hidden aspects of America’s political landscape. 

March 8th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Surveilling Sharyl Attkisson

Former CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson talks about her computers being remotely turned on and hacked at night by a government agency while she covered sensitive stories during the Obama administration


March 4th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Jury Hearing About 9/11 Explosives Evidence

Lawyers David Meiswinkle and Bill Jacoby discuss an upcoming grand jury hearing where they’ll present evidence of explosives used on 9/11 to bring down the World Trade Center buildings 


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