The Whistleblower Newsroom

An investigative reporter who has won awards for her work in print, television and radio, Kristina Borjesson is internationally known for blowing the whistle on US mainstream journalism outlets for censoring the truth on major stories and for being purveyors of false official-source narratives. She created THE WHISTLEBLOWER NEWSROOM show as a platform for and about whistleblowers, for conveying inconvenient truths and for presenting thought-provoking voices on urgent issues—national and international–to her audience.

November 29th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - SETTING 60 MINUTES STRAIGHT:

SETTING 60 MINUTES STRAIGHT: In what WHISTLEBLOWER NEWSROOM host Kristina Borjesson describes as a “spanking,” former NSA technical director Bill Binney and veteran CIA analyst Ray McGovern present a detailed rebuttal of the central claims made in the 60 Minutes piece “How the Russians Hacked the 2016 Election.” Even after briefing then-CIA director Pompeo on the forensic evidence he uncovered, Binney says the  government and press omerta on the truth about Russiagate persists.

November 25th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - SUPER LAWYER David Boies

SUPER LAWYER David Boies has been fighting for EPSTEIN VICTIMS for years in the courts, which were controlled by Epstein's power. In this ASTONISHING interview, he tells us everything, openly. He DESCRIBES THE DIRTY WAR WAGED AGAINST the victims ON MULTIPLE FRONTS. Boies talks about the appalling activities of the press, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and others as they try to keep a lid on this massive sex trafficking scandal that has finally reached mainstream consciousness. PS. It's WAY MORE than a "sex trafficking scandal." Boies tells Kristina and Celia that what has been revealed is just the tip of the iceberg.


November 15th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - Max Kail, author of ZOMBIE FILES

Max Kail, author of ZOMBIE FILES: GUNS, DRUGS, POLITICS AND VOODOO UNDER THE MANDATE OF THE UNITED NATIONS began his stint in Haiti as a security officer for the UN and was so troubled by how ineffective they were at combatting the murderous drug trafficking and kidnapping gangs that had a stranglehold on the country that he and other security specialists formed an ad hoc shadow group called The Zombie Hunters Union to crack down on them. Kail explains that Haiti is not a failed state but a successful narco-state supported by elite politicians (including presidents) and business people, with money made from servicing drug cartels. Part of that money is used to arm drug trafficking gangs and to pay off law enforcement, lower-level politicians, Voodoo practioners and the justice system. Kail’s book is, arguably, the most detailed insider description written to date of how a narco-state actually operates and of the brutality and depravity that attend it. 

November 14th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - Pulitzer Prize winning author of DEEP STATE

Pulitzer Prize winning author of DEEP STATE: Trump, The FBI, And the Rule of Law, James B. Stewart spars with Kristina and Celia about what triggered Russiagate, the core question at the heart of his fascinating book providing an intimate account of who made the decision and why.  They also discuss troubling details about the politicization of agencies participating in high-level government investigations, including those involved with Russiagate. 


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