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October 3rd, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - National Security Agency whistleblower Bill Binney

WHISTLEBLOWER CALLS OUT A “RUMORBLOWER” AND ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE National Security Agency whistleblower Bill Binney explains why the CIA agent who reported that multiple government sources told him that President Trump pressured Ukrainian President Zelensky during a phone call is a “rumorblower,” not a whistleblower and how the CIA engineered Russiagate and now Ukrainegate to bring down Trump in the face of forensic evidence Binney uncovered showing that the Russians did not hack the DNC’s server. Binney is currently suing the government for illegal data-gathering and surveillance activities.  


September 24th, 2019    


WASHINGTON’S GREATEST UNREPORTED SCANDAL: Investigative reporter Luke Rosiak talks about how Congress, the Justice Department and the FBI covered up the activities of unvetted Pakistanis led by Imran Awan, who gained access to the computer files of one in five Democrats in the House of Representatives, lifted data off the House network, sent congressional electronic equipment to foreign officials and much more. In his mind-boggling book,OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: How The Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democrats, Rosiak uncovers what he describes as “The election season hack you never heard about.” 

September 13th, 2019    


WHISTLEBLOWER COMPILES A 9/11 ROGUE'S GALLERY: Having been fired for telling the government's National Institute of Science and Technology that their explanation for the collapse of the WTC Towers on 9/11 did not jibe with fire resistance ratios for the steel components of the towers that his own company had provided, Kevin Ryan has spent the last sixteen years reviewing the evidence and looking at who did what to make 9/11 possible. In this hour, he talks about his latest book, ANOTHER NINETEEN: INVESTIGATING LEGITIMATE 9/11 SUSPECTS, a stunning, meticulously documented account of who did what and who was connected to whom before, during, and after 9/11.

September 6th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - VINDICATED

Carey Gillam, the pioneering reporter who exposed Monsanto's culture of gangsterism, fake science, media bribing, and harassment of critics spends a riveting hour on The Whistleblower Newsroom talking to Kristina and Celia. She details how Monsanto retaliated against any scientist, journalist, academic, government official or even blogger who exposed the scientific truth about its globally used blockbuster product Roundup. Recently released documents show the extent of Monsanto's retaliatory tactics against its perceived enemies, and the details are shocking and disturbing. Gillam, a former Reuters agriculture beat reporter, is the author of WHITEWASH: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer and the Corruption of Science."

September 3rd, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - TY CLEVENGER

He’s been called "the craziest but bravest Texas lawyer," and a “fearless, saber-toothed legal hit man for what he believes is right." Former Justice Department lawyer Ty Clevenger talks about taking on big journalists, their media outlets and the deep state on behalf of his client, Ed Butowsky [See previous program, Aug 24] for defaming Butowsky through lies, including denying facts surrounding the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Clevenger details the almost unbelievable machinations and attacks on Mr. Butowsky, and what they reveal about the state of our media, and the unraveling of the official Russiagate narrative

August 27th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - Ed Butowsky

Ed Butowsky found himself at the center of the political scandal formerly known as "Russiagate" when a friend asked him to pass along a message from Julian Assange to the parents of Seth Rich.
The madness that descended upon his life after that must he heard to be believed. 

Kristina and Celia have never been fools about "Russiagate" and were thrilled to speak with the quarterback of the real story. 

August 23rd, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - Chris Bollyn

Celia and Kristina have a mind-boggling conversation with Chris Bollyn, arguably the top investigative researcher/reporter on the most third rail subject in the world. His subject: Who committed the crime of 9/11? 

August 9th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - Charles Ortel

Financial analyst, investigative journalist and whistleblower Charles Ortel details for Kristina and Celia the fraudulent basis for The Clinton Foundation, which he has examined closely for years. His revelations have been shocking and damning. Nobody knows more about The Clinton Foundation and its countless nefarious aspects than Charles Ortel.


August 5th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - WHAT LIES BENEATH

WHAT LIES BENEATH: Celia and Kristina dig into an upcoming court battle that returns murdered former DNC employee Seth Rich to the spotlight and exposes Mueller's testimony and congressional grilling as a taxpayer-funded discussion of a false narrative.  Also discussed: Epstein's activities beyond his blackmail operation pandering to powerful pedophiles.  [Butowsky court filing: ]


July 19th, 2019    

The Whistleblower Newsroom - CAN AUTISM BE HEALED? Kerri Rivera says “YES.”

A Mother Who Brought Her Son Back From severe autism cracked the healing code for it. She then started helping others, and to date, has dramatically reduced autism scores for over 500 children. Their parents consider her a saint. BUT--Amazon has banned her book. Facebook has deleted all her accounts. Even Yahoo, terminated her private email. Why are Big Tech and the Deep State media so afraid of Kerri Rivera?

Learn more about her at:

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