The Whistleblower Newsroom - 03.19.21

EX-BUSINESS EXECUTIVE JAMES SPENCER’S DANGEROUS ACCIDENTAL DISCOVERIES ABOUT  SUPREME COURT JUSTICE BRETT KAVANAUGH AND SAUDI FUNDING OF 9/11 HIJACKERS. Introduced to the Whistleblower Newsroom by a highly regarded retired FBI agent, James Spencer talks about how he discovered that a Venezuelan company he had acquired was involved in a smuggling scheme involving Saudi charities making money to fund terrorists, including 9/11 hijackers. When he turned to law enforcement and the FBI, Spencer was met with hostility and dragged into a Kafkaesque situation that nearly killed him. Turning to the courts for relief and justice, he found himself before a bought judge mandated to kill his case. Spencer says court documents show the judge was approved for the bench by Brett Kavanaugh after payments had been made to the Bush-Cheney campaign and the campaign of a state senator.